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March, 2016

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Noble deslancham cafes in crisis

3/31/2016 - Bet on Cup of coffee''s worth. In addition to the crisis do not have watered down the old habit of c

APAs points fall for sale at Easter

3/31/2016 - The billing of the supermarkets for Easter this year shrank in comparison with the festive period la

Atacarejo is already vice in retail food sales

3/31/2016 - The atacarejo assumed the position of second most important store format for the food retail, accord

Cory plans to grow 10% in 2016

3/31/2016 - The brazilian manufacturer Cory, owner of the bullets Always, plans 10% growth to 2016. The company

Dogs, cats, and even rabbits '' desestressam '' with five-star services and p...

3/31/2016 - The second largest market in the world, second only to the us. With an estimated population of 132.4

Netshoes will compete in retail of cosmetics

3/31/2016 - After entering the Womenswear segment with the launch of Zattini in 2015, the Group Netshoes decided

1906 takes credit of $ 40 million from IFC

3/31/2016 - The Food, owner of brands Pandurata 1906, Visconti and Tommy, closed loan agreement in the amount of

Expansion and modernization BRF Invests 70 Million R$ in Pernambuco

3/30/2016 - The food company signed yesterday, 29, a memorandum of understanding to expand and modernize its pro

GPA Maintains Leadership in the Supermarket Sector

3/30/2016 - Open today released (29) your ranking of Brazil''s largest supermarket. Despite a small reduction in

Nestlé encourages conilon coffee production in RO

3/30/2016 - Nestle will invest 30 1000 R$ to enlarge the capacity of the municipal nursery seedlings conilon cof

Duracell estimates grow 5% this year

3/30/2016 - Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett''s investment fund, is the new owner of Duracell. The brand, whic

Man wins his version of peanut butter

3/30/2016 - Sao Paulo-the Skinny, famous peanut brittle, won their version of peanut butter. Is a new direct

Sale of drinks in capsules could double by 2019

3/29/2016 - The facility for preparing a coffee pod is earning more and more people. A survey of the British Ins

Green plastic comes to Japan in PET bottle caps

3/29/2016 - São Paulo, 23 de March 2016-the Suntory, Japan''s leading beverage manufacturer and global operation

Strategic design is key to good sales result of aroma diffuser drying sensations

3/29/2016 - Concerned in maintaining the competitiveness of Dry, thread-oriented brand of household cleaners, SO

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