Friday, November 08, 2013

Manufacturer of concrete products expects to grow by 4%

With revenues estimated at $ 9.4 billion last year, cement products industry should terminate 2013 with growth of 3% to 4%, in the assessment of the President of the National Union of cement Products Industry (Sinaprocim), José Carlos de Oliveira Lima. "The construction chain, historically, grows double the GDP [gross domestic Product], but this has been a very unusual year," said Lima to the value.
Many ups and downs, in short period of time, have marked the year for the industry, which, despite the instability, see growth and bet that 2014 might be "good". "2012 was a bad year overall for the construction," says Lima. "This year, we should grow up to 4%, and in 2014, it's not absurd to think high of 5%.
According to Lima, the eight major groups which constitute the cement products industry have shown distinct realities, and those who are exposed to the housing segment have shown better performance than those aimed at infrastructure. Improvement of the purchasing power, greater availability of credit and Government efforts to reduce the housing deficit boosted business in real estate, which was reflected in the sale of cement products used in these buildings.
On the other hand, the segment of concrete pipes, for example, which is more sensitive to carrying out major works, has shown weaker performance. "Although there is some uncertainty related to infrastructure, the segment of industrial constructions, which is related to shopping malls and warehouses, for example, seem to be doing a little better," he said.
Outlook optimistic for next year, including the infrastructure sector, the investment forecast in the area of oil and gas and transport and logistics, in addition to maintaining the pace of growth in the housing segment. "There was the auction of pre-salt layer, there are airports in bidding, highways and railroads. The prospect is good ", emphasized Lima.
Valor Econômico - 05/11/2013
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