Friday, July 10, 2020

Lindoya Summer launches 5-liter gallon with 20% less PET

Lindoya Verão launches a 5-liter gallon of water that uses 20% less PET in its composition when compared to other similar products available on the market. The weight of the bottle is only 75 grams.
With the proposal of also bringing more practicality to the consumer, the new packaging is more ergonomic and its neck has smaller diameter and flow than usual, which provides more comfort when serving.
"We are always looking for solutions to reduce the amount of PET in our packaging, without losing sight of the need for all the characteristics and quality of mineral water to be preserved until it reaches the consumer's table," says Cesar Dib, ceo of Lindoya Verão.
The new gallon is part of the Lindoya Verão Sense line, created with the purpose of seeking solutions based on awareness of the environment and the use of natural resources. Like the other members of the Sense line, the 510ml and 240ml packages, the 5-liter gallon has a differentiated design in low relief that refers to elements of nature.
In addition to being lighter, the packaging is compactable, that is, after use, just knead the bottle before disposal, which makes it take up less space.
By launching a gallon that, in addition to being lighter, allows compaction with its hands, Lindoya Verão intends to encourage consumers to direct the packaging properly for recycling, since the fact of being compactable makes its volume is greatly reduced, facilitating disposal in recyclable collection sites.
In the short term, the company made a commitment to use a percentage of recycled resin food standard, already approved by the FDA and ANVISA, in its packaging. Packages with this resin are in the testing phase and should begin circulating soon.
Another concern of the brand is to seek alternatives for the proper disposal and the effective disposal of the packaging of its products for recycling. Based on this, Lindoya Verão is the optant of the eurecycle seal, to compensate for the environmental impact.
This compensation consists of disposing of an environmentally correct amount of waste equivalent to the quantity of packaging that the company places on the market.
The environmental compensation system with which the seal works works through a platform that tracks the data of the recycling chain in Brazil. This platform certifies the work of recycling cooperatives through invoices to ensure that recyclable materials are being properly destined to final recyclers. This data is accounted for to ensure that there is no double counting, in which two companies claim to have recycled the same ton of material.
From the moment the brands report how many tons of plastic, glass, paper or metals they generated from the sale of their products, the eurecycle seal calculates its equivalent environmental footprint. Based on this value, brands pay for environmental service proportionally to the amount of packaging they sell, acquiring equivalent reverse logistics credit. The payment for the service is intended for recycling cooperatives that prove that they are formally operating and recycling waste equivalent, in bulk and material, to those of packaging. Thus, companies receive the seal, which is inserted in their packaging to inform the consumer of the engagement with recycling, and the certificate that proves its adequacy to the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS).
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