Friday, July 29, 2016

Anvisa prohibits sale of extract and tomato sauce with the rodent

The national health surveillance agency (Anvisa) banned the sale and distribution throughout the country of four batches of tomato paste brands Amorita, Aro, elephant and Choice and a lot of traditional tomato sauce Pomarola brand after a report finds by the rodent above the upper limit of tolerance by the current legislation.
The decision was published in the "Official Gazette" this Thursday (28). The manufacturers will have to collect the products from the market.
Resolution No. 1,995 prohibits the distribution and sale of the tomato extract Amorite brand, manufactured by the company Stella d''Oro, lot L 076 M2P, valid until 4/1/2017.
Resolution No. 1,996 prohibits the distribution and sale of the tomato extract Favorite brand lot 213 23IE, valid until 03/2017, and also of the tomato extract, batch 002 branded M2P, valid until 05/2017. The first favourite foods is responsible for the manufacture of the products.
Resolution No. 1,997 prohibits the distribution and sale of traditional tomato sauce Pomarola brand, batch 030903, valid until 8/31/2017, and also of the tomato extract Elephant brand, lot 032502, valid until 8/18/2017. Cargill is the manufacturer of the products.
Cargill reported that took notice of determination by Anvisa for the lots mentioned and is working on the adoption of the measures required as a result of such determination. "The company reiterates its commitment to the fulfilment of all standards of food safety and hygiene standards. Ensures that the products of these lots do not offer any risk to the health of its consumers. Cargill remains available for the clarification that may be needed, "said. According to the company, consumers can turn to the SAC by the number 0800 648 0808 to clarify doubts regarding products and lots in question.
The first favourite Foods reported that "the case of notification by Board of Health of Santa Catarina, about lots found only in this region. The company even does not recognize the defect pointed out, collected all the products of these lots and took actions that the law determines. The process published in the journal of the Union''s appeal trial ".
The company noted that operates within the national and international standards according to the current legislation and is audited periodically by companies and agencies recognized worldwide. "The quality control is present in all stages, from the cultivation of the crop out of the ready product. The whole package has a code that allows you to track all information related to the product, since the cultivation, to the processing industry. The high degree of automation of all manufacturing lines, associated with the use of internationally certified manufacturing practices, eliminate the possibilities of contamination of products, "the Food of choice.
The Makro reported that "the vendor selection process for an own-brand product undergoes a strict quality control both at the audits in industrial plants and in periodic laboratory testing of products made by renowned on the market and third parties contracted directly by Makro".
According to the company, the tomato extract product ARO will be collected from all Makro stores for analysis and appropriate measures. Questions regarding the product and batch in question can be answered by e-mailing
According to the decision, the public health laboratory of Santa Catarina (LA-CEN-SC) was responsible for the analysis and detect foreign matter indicative of risk to human health.
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