Thursday, March 30, 2017

McDonald''s Will Sell Its sauces Snacks

McDonald''s announced on Tuesday (28), which will sell the sauces of the Big Mac, Filet-O-fish sandwiches and McChicken in Canadian supermarkets. The news, available in packs of 355 ml, will be available soon for purchase and bring the symbol of McDonald''s, besides "authentic" seal. With the exception of the Big Mac sauce, considered "top secret", the Filet-O-fish is a tartar sauce and the McChicken is mayonnaise-based. In the country, McDonald''s discards the possibility of sales to soak in the moment. "In Brazil, we''ve sold the Big Mac sauce in 2015, in an action on time to happy Mcday. However, there is nothing planned about new sales gravy ", said the network in Brazil.
Giro News - 30/03/2017
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