Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jasmine Brings new flavors of tomato sauce

In partnership with the farm of Plays, Jasmine throws three flavors of organic tomato sauces in 330 g: traditional, Basil and Passata Pulp. According to the company, the ready-to-eat sauces have up to seven organic tomatoes in each pot without the addition of vegetable oil, dyes, preservatives or flavouring. The Pulp version Passata tomato pulp is cooked, without skin or seeds. About the partnership with the farm of Plays, Jean-Baptiste Cordon, CEO of Jasmine says that "one of the greatest challenges of the development of organic products in Brazil is the scarcity of raw material. The partnership with the farm of the woodwork will supply network expansion of Jasmine, fortifying our performance in this segment and in the transformation of consumer life through food.
Giro News – 26/09/2017
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