Monday, September 21, 2015

Mr. Beer diversifies with signature Club

The franchise network of special beers Mr. Beer expanded business options to advance amid a slowed economy. Now, the stakes are the signature Club Club Mr. Beer for beer lovers, and the supply of drink to bars and restaurants.
"For driblarmos the economy less thriving, we set up a strategy of diversification of channels, which has been showing sustainable so far," said the DCI Fabiano Wohlers, founder of Mr. Beer.
According to the Executive, the idea of creating a subscription Club of special beers in function of the advancement of the business model in the country-today there are similar clubs of gastronomy, wines, flowers, clothes and even pet products-but the template is still in the implementation phase. "This serves as a learning year. Mr. Beer Club is still nothing representative and it will not be our primary business, but came to add and to meet a demand of our franchisees and customers, "he explained.
Already entering the retail market, with the supply of some networks, if given a demand in the market. With special beers at the kiosks, some bars and restaurants had interest in reselling the product "the deal still is early for us, but the outlets have received us very well. The quality of our products and the added value of our offer have been positive, "he said.
Research on habit of consumption made by Kantar Worldpanel: consumer pointed out that even the consumer by reducing the consumption of some categories, when the subject is the items considered premium-niche in which the craft beers if fall, the trend is for maintenance. It was found that the higher value-added categories have had growth of 3.4% in the first half of the year compared with the same period in 2014. Today the main supermarket networks added that category in their gondolas, as well as international labels as a way to differentiate their competitors and better serve your customer.
Wohlers further explained that the profile of buyers are the emporiums and restaurants bars "that have special beers in his letter and a clientele with consumption profile for these products."
This year, the company projects to open 10 franchise format units, number less than 22 open over the past year. "For years we focus on retail and franchise operations [distribution]," says the founder of the company.
The weak economy also has meant that some franchisees felt reduction in brand sales. In the view of the Executive, there is no increase in cancellations between franchisees and franqueadoras-that in all branches of the franchising-what is good to consolidate on the market the franchisees with more robust operations. "With the current political and economic scenario, the cancellations will be the most gifts, and then, only the most active and ' breath ' to handle periods of low, will be," he explained.
When the subject is the most sought after locations to open a unit, the malls are still the most desired by entrepreneurs, but the Executive said that there was a significant increase by the template points on streets. "Today we are ready to meet the Brazil all, without exception," he mused.
To help the relationship with franchisees, Wohlers remembers that the company invests a lot in professionalization and cost reduction. "We have a strong training model and work with competitive costs of goods by being your own importer and franchisee support model".
The beer, one of the national passions, explains the Executive, has gone through a process of transformation. "We have broken many paradigms in relation to special beers. The universe of premium beers is very great and we know that we're going to take a long time to achieve a greater participation in the market ", finalized the businessman.
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