terça-feira, 05 de dezembro, 2017

Danette's with new packaging and Products

The Danette brand milk desserts which belongs to Groupe Danone, presenting your new visual identity and announces the release of five more flavors: Danette Choco Hazelnut, Danette Twist caramel, Danette with Straws of Waffer, Danette, peanut butter cups and Danette seven tiny girls bring joy. The news reach the shelves with the new brand design. Produced by the Narita, the main features are the creaminess and indulgence are explicit in the new logo. "The news brings a mixture of sensations, uniting the creaminess of Danette the other textures and flavors," points out Andrea Gaeta, Director of brand marketing.
Giro News – 05/12/2017
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