quarta-feira, 10 de setembro, 2014

Henkel adhesive for bonding of packaging launches difficult accession

Henkel launches in the national market the Technomelt 6200 Freeddom Certified, high-tech adhesive based on thermoplastic resins, specially developed for gluing cartons difficult accession (laminate BOPP, PP, PE, metallic, low COBB), cooled and frozen.
The sticker, produced locally, is certified for use in equipment Nordson Freedom, innovative system with integrated automatic supply that incorporates high-performance adhesives application equipment and distribution, eliminating the conventional adhesive, hotmelt tanks which promotes energy saving, resulting in minimal carbonization and reduces the risk of accidents. Additionally, has intermittent application feature, which allows significant reduction in the use of adhesives.
According to Henkel, the Technomelt 6200 Freeddom Certified has as main characteristics, thermal stability, fluidity and flow properties ideal for continuous melting system; size of beads of adhesive ideal for operating controlled refueling system. The adhesive provides consumption reduction in the application and is resistant to high temperature after applied.
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