Monday, August 31, 2020

Coronavirus may be stronger in cold, study says

A study by American researchers points out that in seasons with lower temperatures it can be demonstrated that the new coronavirus survives longer, as is the case of spring and autumn, and less in high temperatures such as summer.
According to scientists at Kansas State University in the United States, the discovery "clearly demonstrates" that the virus survives longer in spring and fall than in summer.
It is worth remembering that the Northern Hemisphere is currently experiencing high temperatures and humidity, while countries in the Southern Hemisphere (such as Brazil) are experiencing icy and often dry winters.
One example is that when at low temperatures and low humidity levels, the virus can remain on surfaces longer, continuing to be infectious for up to a week —while in summer its life period can be reduced for up to three days.
Scientists' concern is explained why the northern hemisphere will soon make its transition to autumn.
The United States is the country with the highest number of infected with the disease and not even summer has been able to stop the growth of cases —which today is already at nearly 6 million, being the country the epicenter of the disease in the world. Brazil, which is currently in winter and is the second country with the most sick, with 3,862,311 infected.
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