Friday, August 28, 2020

83% of Brazilians are dissatisfied with the preservation of the Amazon

A survey released Thursday (27) by the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) shows that 83% of the Brazilian population is dissatisfied with the preservation of the Amazon Forest.
Among the feelings that the current situation of the biome evokes, what appeared the most was sadness (24%), followed by indignation (17%), hope (17%) and fear (11%).
For the preparation of the research, 1,200 people over 18 years of age were heard, in all regions of the country, of both sexes, with different age and income ranges. In addition, 300 more people were heard specifically from the states that cover the Legal Amazon.
On the importance of the forest, 37% said they consider the region as the "lung of the world", that is, fundamental for maintaining air quality. While 35% said that the forest is "the greatest natural wealth in Brazil" and 12% consider that the biome is strategic for the "maintenance of climate balance".
Burning and deforestation are the biggest problem faced by the forest in the opinion of 44% of Brazilians. Illegal mining, land grabbing and drug and weapons trafficking were each identified by 12% of the population as major challenges to the preservation of forests and biodiversity.
Deforestation has increased in recent years, in the view of 77% of the population, while 14% believe that the rate of forest felling remains the same. Wood extraction is the largest responsible for deforestation in the opinion of 48%, followed by land grabbing (14%), cattle raising (11%) and illegal mining (11%).
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