Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Ibema launches a new triplex card line - Supera White

In order to increase participation in the Markets of the United States and Europe, Ibema, the third largest producer of cardboard in Brazil and one of the most competitive players in Latin America, launches a new line of triplex card – Supera White – premium, sustainable product that brings sophistication and elegance thanks to its exceptional whiteness, whiteness and rigidity. Classified according to European standards as GC1 – virgin fiber card coated with white coating and reverse - Supera White meets the most important international levels of quality. The novelty harmonizes very high performance and rigidity. Its formula, developed to satisfy the most demanding markets, is composed of a selection of noble raw materials, which ensure a much more uniform surface and enhance machine performance for the creation of packaging in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and high standard segments. With the new card, the chart produces more packaging with the same amount of paper and offers your customer the best in elegance and strength for premium packaging. For Augusto Arns, Research and Development Manager at Ibema, Supera White, the result of more than nine months of studies and tests, meets the main trends of the graphic market, especially in this scenario of constant transformation: products of high added value, sustainable and that promote an increase in efficiency in operations. "A material with better stiffness is more economical for the chart, which can produce a larger volume of packaging by weight of cardboard. This feature has an important impact at the end of the chain, as it significantly reduces the generation of solid waste – a sustainability commitment publicly signed by many organizations." Diego Gracia, Strategy & Marketing and Export Manager, explains that the new GC1 is one of the company's bets to expand the current volume of its exports. The product, in addition to consolidating Ibema's portfolio as one of the most complete in Brazil, accelerates its internationalization process. "With Supera White, we present a product with much more sophisticated features, on the level of the best cards. In terms of stiffness and performance, we can say that we are in the world in the top three. This product puts Ibema in the global showcase, which will increase our participation abroad, which today includes 18 countries. We hope soon to be among the most remembered brands, our goal is the top of mind among the world players", says For Ibema, the launch of Supera White also marks the beginning of a major process of restructuring the current portfolio. This is the evolution of Speciala, a successful product in sales that ceases to be manufactured, while representing the strengthening of the Supera brand, Ibema's flagship. "We have developed a much more competitive solution that is equal to the cards that today are world references in the white line," gracia concludes.
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