Thursday, May 28, 2020

Marfrig and ADM create plant products joint venture

More and more people are changing their eating habits, betting on a lower consumption of animal protein for various reasons, such as the defense of life and the preservation of the environment, for example. With this, several companies known for marketing products of animal origin are also investing in this new market. In the latest move, Marfrig, one of the country's largest beef producers, and U.S.-based nutrition company ADM are creating PlantPlus Foods. The plant-based products joint venture will serve retail and food service, primarily from the North and South American markets. The new company will be launched as soon as the necessary regulatory approvals are finalized. At first, Marfrig will have 70% of PlantPlus Foods and ADM, 30%. In this division, the Brazilian company will be responsible for the production and distribution of the products. The partner will provide technical knowledge in application for the development of a system combining ingredients, aromas and plant base from a protein complex in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, in addition to its network of factories of ingredients and aromas located in the United States. The companies were already working together in the production of sustainable and plant-based products for South America, but with the joint venture, this partnership will strengthen and expand to North America. Despite the new venture, both will continue to serve their current customers independently. "PlantPlus Foods from the outset will be prepared to meet the needs of our customers in a fast-growing market," Marcos Molina, founder and chairman of Marfrig's Board of Directors, said in a statement. In December last year, Marfrig announced to the market its own brand of vegetable burger, Revolution Burger, marketed in retail and food service, which has other products besides hamburgers. In August 2019, the company launched a vegetable burger made in Brazil, and in September, closed a partnership with Burger King, giving rise to Rebel Whopper. Another company that is betting on this segment since June last year is Fazenda Futuro, when it launched its Future Burger, which is part of the menu of Lanchonete da Cidade, T.T. Burger, The Fifties and Spoleto, besides being marketed in the Pão de Açúcar, Carrefour chain and in the Santa Luzia and St Marche markets. Also at the end of last year, Seara launched its line of vegetable products with flavor and texture of meat, entitled Incrível Seara. Created by Incrível Lab, the brand's plant-based innovation hub, products can be found in retail, as well as in restaurant chains such as Applebee's, Rodeo, Detroit Steakhouse, Habib's, Ofner and Subway.
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