Friday, September 18, 2015

Line of adhesives Henkel optimizes labelling processes of glass bottles

The application in returnable bottles is an important criterion for adhesives for labelling of glass bottles, as well as the tack and cleaning properties. Leading provider in solutions of adhesives, sealants and surface treatment, Henkel has developed the line Aquence XP for labelling of glass.
The patch optimizes the processes, as it provides greater productivity due to its excellent performance on machines and less consumption of adhesive. The Aquence XP is suitable for non-returnable and returnable bottles with wide range of applications.
Based on synthetic polymers, adhesive Aquence XP is compatible with wastewater treatment, remains stuck in the products and is of easy removal upon return to the factories. Its high tack reduces the weight applied considering the current market values, in addition to providing quality standards of labelling index of customers ' inspections and meet the greater breadth of labels on the market.
"The high standard of quality of the line Aquence XP, combined with product consistency and a wide range of applications, guarantees the reliability, economic consumption and high efficiency in production lines", adds Jorge Strapasson, sales manager of packaging market Mercosur of Henkel.
Stable in its rheology, Aquence XP offers excellent application performance and meets the standards of IWR (Ice Water Resistance) and Wash Off for labelling.
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