Thursday, September 24, 2015

Back of rate and dollar cool cell phone sale

Sao Paulo-the end of the tax exemption for smartphones from the December 1st frustrated retailers. In addition, the high of the dollar can make sales have more than 8% fall and Christmas be further slowed down.
"They could do it at any time and chose December, Christmas, so it was very disappointing," said the CEO of virtual store KaBum, Leonardo Ramos. According to the businessman, another aggravating on termination of the benefit granted-that took almost 10% of taxes of up to $ 1,500 and produced in the country-will be during Black Friday. "The event takes place on Friday, but extended throughout the weekend. Our doubt is in sales via ticket, since the compensation of Bank titles will be after the first day. " Ramos said be not knowing how to proceed. "We will sell with the value with taxes or without?" questioned the businessman KaBum, about 40% of the sales of the store are performed via boleto bancário.
In the opinion of the President of the Brazilian Association of Commerce (ABComm), Mauricio Salvador, most requests for Black Friday have already been made, so the price for the date should come without an increase in the tribute. "What else is worried about e-commerce was the decision by the banks to collect the tickets issued, even though they have not been paid. This will bring cost retailer ".
The e-commerce expert pointed out the negative effects of increased taxation can bring, especially at Christmas. "It's a category with high demand in the period and we have drop in sales with the rate," concluded Salvador to DCI.
According to retail expert Kawahara Takano, Julio Takano, there is an effort of sector entities in an attempt to sensitize the Government to postpone the end of the exemption. "They are trying to show the Government the importance of the sector in the economy and how the increase in the price of the products will be harmful to Christmas," he said.
But, as the probability of the Government retreat is small, Takano reinforced the need for action strategies to minimize the effects of increased taxation. "The transfer cannot be integral, as well as retailers cannot absorb high alone. Now is the time to renegotiate the contracts with the suppliers and see the opportunities that the crisis behind, "he argued.
For him, the Black Friday can be a chance of the retailer to sell more handsets, just flag effectively to the consumer that this could be the last chance to buy appliances with tax reduction. "They can appeal for selling opportunity. Show how the product will be more expensive and make this Black Friday the best the last three years, "he explained.
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