Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trade via phone must grow

E-commerce negotiated exclusively for smartphones and tablets can warm up the business of several companies. The trend is confirmed between application developers and companies using the software to boost sales.
According to study conducted by the company digital payment Pagtel, 67% of people with smartphones have already had some contact with the so-called m-commerce (mobile commerce, in the expression in English).
This happens not only in the segment of retail, but also in services such as taxi races, deliveries made by motorcycle courier and delivery of food.
The Director of marketing for Pagtel, Philip Lane, indicating that this market can be mature in five years. "At current levels of acceptance, the m-commerce could be consolidated in less time that e-commerce (virtual trade)," he says.
Among the factors cited for the movement of adherence to mobile media is not only the popularity of the devices, but also improvement in mobile internet services.
Solutions developers as Tlantic indicate that customers were seeking only information regarding mobile applications (apps). Now, they understand the need to be in this universe.
The Executive Director of the Organization for Latin America, Fawne, points out that the new channel is not similar to e-commerce. It indicates that a site created for PC, when accessed on a cell phone, has the page mangled, which isn't ideal for business. "A native application should be created, since it was designed for the mobile environment".
Among companies that use the apps to expand the number of customers, the mobile payment service Pagpop points using via smartphone as pilar de distribution. The CEO of the company, Marcio Campos, explains that the company's growth planned for 2014, from 180% and for 2015, of 100%, are clearly the responsibility of mobile transactions. "Of all transactions we process, 80% are for mobile application. Two years ago that number was 5% ".
On racing service company registered by the application Easy Taxi, the co-CEO Dennis Wang explains that due to the existence of smartphones and tablets came the success of the business and "the very existence of the company". Founded by him and by Tallis Gomes, Easy Taxi uses the geolocation by GPS user equipment, besides enabling the remuneration of the race via payment system. All thanks to mobile devices.
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