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Brazilian men are more engaged in their hygiene and beauty routine

The beauty market specialized in the male public is transforming and maturing in recent years, especially in Brazil. A new study by Kantar, a global leader in data, insights and consulting, analyzed the behavior of 22,000 men in eight countries, finding that they are increasingly concerned about their personal care routine. While 67% of Brazilians say they try to maintain their appearance, the overall average is significantly lower, with 57%. With regard to aging, there are visible differences per country. Brazilians stand out once again, with more than half (54%) claiming they will do what they can to look younger, behind only the Chinese, with 58%. Although Brazilian men are in second place with regard to the importance of having a young appearance, they are the most involved in terms of weekly use of personal care products, with an average of 63 per week (47 being the global average). This is due to the use of categories such as soap, deodorant, shampoo, dental and aftershave. When it comes to spending money on beauty products and personal care, Germans outnumber others, with 68% mentioning that they like to spend a lot on the products of these categories, compared to the global average of 21%. Interestingly, despite being known for their personal care cultures, French and Americans are the least likely to spend on these products, with respectively only 11% and 10%. "On the global stage, it is a promising image for brands and manufacturers of hygiene and beauty products. Men are proving more concerned about the appearance and comfortable consuming these products, and they are gaining greater knowledge about what is on the shelves. As we have seen, Brazilians are more receptive than the global average, but there is still a lack of specific products for this audience, preventing even greater growth in the category," says Renan Morais, Kantar's Insights Specialist. As for the main concerns faced by Brazilian men, acne and oily skin stand out. In total, 63% reported that they had some skin problems last year, 8% more than the world average. Brazil also excels in the search for professional treatments, with the country in which men have chosen the most to take care of their aesthetics in the last six months (29%), more than double the overall average of 14%. In addition to professional treatments, Brazilians are 87% more likely to try beard products, 61% to keep up with the latest fashion trends and 32% of preferring natural products, compared to the global average. Being surprisingly the most likely to say that they are involved with the category, the quality of the products becomes a very important feature. Almost half (47%) claims to verify this detail for its final decision, against 38% overall. The recommendations are also important in the purchase decision, influencing more than 20% of personal care products purchased by Brazilian men. "Even if men's personal care routine adheres to the routine being a trend and a major challenge in some countries, the Brazilian market is on the rise. With 35%, Brazil leads the ranking of people categorized as heavy users, that is, who have more frequency on the occasions of personal care throughout the week.", says Renan.
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