quinta-feira, 31 de outubro, 2019

Children's Day Is High 9.9% in Shopping Malls

Brazilian malls showed a 9.9% increase in sales during the period for purchases for Children's Day, compared to the period of 2018. The survey was conducted by the Cielo Retail Index in Shopping Centers - Abrasce (ICVS-Abrasce). The average ticket value recorded growth of 1.9%. In malls, consumers spent, on average, R$ 152.00 - number 1.4 times higher than that recorded by street stores. According to Glauco Humai, president of Abrasce, growth exceeded the estimate. "This year, malls expected a high of around 6%. In addition, the result shows us that the investments of malls in leisure and entertainment events were assertive", he says. Methodology The index considers segments directly related to children, such as toys, clothing, games, bookstore and stationery. The data are for the period from 8 to 14 October of this year.
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