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Third generation of Piccadilly change product and stores project starts

Three years ago, the family Grins, owner of the Gaucho Piccadilly shoe manufacturer, promoted the third generation in charge of the company. The move coincided with one of the worst economic crises in history, which struck in full the footwear. So, according to President of Piccadilly, Cristina Camila Grins Nogueira, the company was forced to take drastic measures to avoid succumbing to discouragement: 2015 market here, the manufacturer has modified your brand, reviewed internal process, adopted a new product positioning and now prepares a project of their own franchises to offer the market. Despite the still unfavourable scenario – according to the entity that gathers Abicalçados the footwear industry, the closure of factories in the Northeast and in the South of the country led to the closing of 9300 only segment jobs between July and September – company claims to have been able to preserve your position in the market while put the changes into effect. CTV-sjn-piccadilly Company ceased to make models hostages trends each season, to have his own style. Photo: DIEGO DA ROSA/group BELLS despite stable revenues in R $400 million provide for 2018, the new strategy has led to a generation (as measured by Ebitda-earnings before interest, taxes, amortization and depreciation) equivalent to 15% of the revenue. "It's the best result in the history of the company," says Cristina. "This year started very well, very strong, but factors such as the truck drivers ' strike weighed on sales." The transformations of Piccadilly in recent years demanded foreign aid. The Gad consulting, Luciano, Deos was contracted to modify processes, branding and positioning of the company. God tells us that the first diagnosis was realizing that the difference that the company exhibited for decades – focused on comfortable shoes for the day the women's day – had bled to death and become "commodity". "It happened because various competitors have launched lines comfort," explains consultant. Comfort zone so the Piccadilly was forced to find a new way to relate to customers. "We had to exit the automatic", defines Cristina. The brand gained a more simple and elegant design, which was accompanied by products, which gained most classic and a larger variety of models. "Retailers were accustomed to buy always the same models. So, it was necessary to take representatives of the Piccadilly of comfort zone and encourage them with training sets, to expand the range offered, "says God. In the process of changing the style of the brand, the President of Piccadilly says the company began working with the concept of a fashion, more classical, without that the brand be hostage of trends of each season. To be able to sell the new positioning at shoe stores across the country – which account for almost all of the company's sales, the company for the first time brought a commercial Director from outside the family. "Each new model that we can make the shopkeeper to buy is a victory," says Cristina. Stores it's been several years since the Piccadilly flirts with a structure of distribution of shoes, through units that concentrate a greater amount of your templates collection. For a while, the company borrowed your brand to independent outlets in partnership system. This model is now being abandoned by a structured operation that aims to be the kickoff for a network of franchises. The first two exclusive shops of the brand will be opened later this month, in Porto Alegre. From the results, the company intends to make the expansion to other regions of Brazil. The units own comes at a time when the multi-brand networks face a difficult time. In addition, according to the President of Piccadilly, the stores may have an important role in the pursuit of a goal that the company pursues: the elevation of perception of brand value and, consequently, the average price of the products. "We're in the construction of a new road, which has a more emotional appeal, and no more rational, in which the purchase of the product is defined by the comfort factor", says the Executive.
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