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Electronics industry registers record improves in September

September was the month when most electronics industry recorded growth over the past three years, according to Abinee (Industry Association).
About 56% of the companies had high sales, in comparison with the same period in 2016. The last time that this level was exceeded was in February of 2014, when it was 61%.
"In the last two months we've noticed an improvement, but until then classificávamos as something on time," says Humberto Barbato, President of the Association.
The idle capacity also fell: today, 75% of the production lines are busy. This percentage was 69% in July.
The projection is that the industry's revenues in 2017 to grow 4% and 3% physical production, but it is possible that high expectations are based on the outcome of the next month, says Barbato.
"We had a very strong increase in the last four months on the computers. It's a new market [compared to 2016], "says Helium Rotenberg, President of Positive technology.
In addition to the improvement in the domestic market, the company has opened operations in other countries of South America and Africa.
"We already have factories in Rwanda and Kenya. Our planning includes the arrival the other venues in the Center-South region of the African continent in this year and also in 2018 ", says the Executive.
Pent-up supply
The electronics manufacturer Smokergrillsblackfriday will increase your production capacity in 2017, second Alexander South, President of the company.
"We are totally taken lines, with line of production", says.
The forecast is for an investment of RS $20 million to expand their plants in Minas Gerais and Amazon.
"We will manufacture automotive equipment and speakers in Manaus, and, in extreme (MG), we will start production of small appliances, with the entrance of blenders, whisks and fans," he says.
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