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Ice-cream industry invests in innovation and new products

The ice-cream industry Skimoni with factory and headquarters in the city of Americana complete 50 years in 2016 and the recipe for so long on the market are grit and determination of a family company that is attempting to use the innovation and pioneering in its product line.
In 2011, the Skimoni acquired new 23 thousand m² area for expansion, totaling now covers a total area of 35 thousand square meters with a privileged location, at kilometer 127 of Anhanguera. Recently, invested $ 2 million to develop new products including human capital, machinery and marketing.
The factory is installed within a source of mineral water, therefore, all the products produced by the company use mineral water. The company employs 80 employees in three production shifts and more other 140 people among drivers, helpers, supervisors, vendors and promoters.
The Skimoni has the capacity to produce up to 100 tonnes per day, but produces and sells 60 tons per day and reaches about 300 cities in Sao Paulo State, including the capital.
Last year, registered a growth of 62% and reached r $ 50 million.
The target for 2015 is to maintain the same growth and turnover last year.
Changes in the market
The Director of Skimoni, César de Souza, said the market has changed a lot. "People have been looking for innovative products. We at Skimoni launched a product line light source with fiber and vitamins. We let the Sorbet line, which is a chocolate ice cream with water base for people who have lactose intolerance and sugar. All this represents new markets and new challenges, "he says.
The Skimoni noted the market potential and invested in the creation of new lines, cream based, ingredient that gives greater creaminess of ice cream and, also, extruded products, whose texture is reminiscent of the mass, only ice cream shaped like a popsicle. Among the novelties are the Premium Gourmet Lines, with higher raw material, to meet the increasingly demanding palate of Brazil, besides the extrudates: SkiCream, with ice cream, candies and the Skiminho children, Hello Kitty and SkiBola. "The more elaborate flavors, like pistachio and mint with chocolate, combined with the creaminess of the cream make it the ideal product for consumption in winter too, not to introduce feels so cold ' and ' water-based ice creams". The projection is that sales will grow about 30 percent in the winter, compared to previous years.
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