segunda-feira, 30 de setembro, 2013

Risqué presents new Special Edition: Risqué Metals

Since emerged as shades of fashion, the metals are still bullish on accessories, clothing and shoes are the big bet the next few seasons. Once again, the brand innovates and presents the Special Edition Risqué Metals. The new glazes are the Union of stylish, high-tech with three colours that bring the glow of pure silver, symbol of luxury and sophistication, and memorable names: Risqué Gold, James Gold; Risqué Hasta La Vista, Baby!; and Risqué My Precious.
The issue is the first release of Risqué brand aimed at the luxury market: the products are pure silver powder in its formulation, element that provides an incredible brightness and metalized finishing nails. The result brings luxury to the nails, with a chic metal effect. In addition, the glazes come in a unique cartridge, which gives even more sophistication to the products.
The new Special Edition Risqué Metals will be available at major drugstores and perfumeries across the Brazil from September.
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