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Six out of ten companies experience negative pandemic impacts

Six out of ten companies (62.4%) brazilian companies felt the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic in the second half of June, according to the Pulse Company: Impact of Covid-19 on companies, released on Thursday (30) by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).
For 22.5% of the companies, the effect was small or non-existent and for 15.1%, it was positive.
The country had 2.8 million active companies in the period. Small firms, with up to 49 employees, were the most affected by the pandemic (62.7%), while less than half (46.3%) of the mid-sized companies, with up to 499 employees, felt the impacts.
Of all the large companies, with more than 500 employees, 50.5% said they were impacted by social isolation measures to contain coronavirus transmission.
Companies in the Northeast region were the hardest hit by the crisis of the new coronavirus (72.1%), followed by the Southeast (65%) and Midwest (62.9%).
The companies in the Services sector were the ones that felt the most negative impacts (65.5%), especially the segment of services provided to families (86.7%).
Trade was also affected, with 64.1% reporting negative effects and on construction, 53.6%.
In the industry, 48.7% of the companies highlighted a negative impact, while for 24.3% the effect was small or non-existent and, for 27%, the impact in this fortnight was positive.
The coordinator of Conjuncture Research in Companies of IBGE, Flávio Magheli, says that it was expected that the service sector would be more impacted by the pandemic.
"Services to families include bars, restaurants and hotels, activities that depend on people movement, tourism and travel. It was to be expected that these activities would be more impacted.
The segment of vehicles, parts and motorcycles was also affected by the partial operation of the Detrans and dealerships, in addition to the decision to purchase a durable asset, which has to be well thought out by families at a time of unemployment and uncertainty", he says.
Half of active companies (50.7%) in the second half of June they experienced a drop in sales or services sold. 27.6% said that the effect was small or non-existent and 21.4% had better results with the pandemic.
The drop in sales was felt by 51.0% of small companies, 39.1% of intermediaries and 32.8% of large companies. In larger companies, the percentage of 41.2% reported a small or non-existent effect was highlighted.
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