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IBGE: rise in fuels pulls inflation to 0.3% in July

The National Broad Consumer Price Index 15 (IPCA-15), also known as a preview of inflation, recorded a rise of 0.3% in July, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) reported on Friday (24/7).
This means that after the most critical wave of the pandemic of the new coronavirus on the economy, the country has shown a small rise in product prices. In the year, the IPCA-19 accumulates a high of 0.67%.
The inflation preview was pulled upwards mainly by the 4.47% rise in the price of gasoline, which came from four consecutive months of falls. According to IBGE, the transport group had the main impact on the index.
Also in transport, there was also a rise in subway fares (2%), mainly driven by the 8.7% adjustment in tickets in Rio de Janeiro, which entered into force on June 11.
On the other hand, airfares have become cheaper. Airline tickets had already been falling in price, having recorded declines of 27% in May and 26% in June. With the new drop, the decline in the last three months is 48%.
You can also save on food and drink, which fell by 0.13% in July, after four consecutive months of highs. The main reduction occurred in the prices of some tubers, roots and vegetables, such as tomatoes (-23%), english potatoes (-21%), carrots (-19%) and onion (-7%).
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