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Study reveals best-selling e-commerce products during quarantine

A survey by Criteo, a technology company focused on marketers, shows the performance of various industries in e-commerce during the first weeks of April. The results take into account the effects of social isolation to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Being able to filter the results by date and by country, the survey reveals which categories had the highest increase in sales by e-commerce and takes into account the analysis of a database with information from 80 countries and 2 billion active monthly buyers of more than 20,000 e-commerce platforms. If we analyze the data from Brazil only after the start of the official quarantine instituted in São Paulo by Governor João Doria on March 24, one of the highlights goes to the online sale of snacks. The commercialization of products such as snacks, chocolates, cookies, among others increased 722% during the second week of April. In the research firm's analysis, the closure of the physical spaces of restaurants and bars has become essential for the direct increase in online supermarket sales. It is worth noting that the sector, in general, had a high of 233% also during the second week of April this year. Even with a 191% increase, online television commerce has not been at the forefront of the electronics market. The post was with products related to video games, such as video games, with a 315% increase. Laptop sales increased 169%, less than routers and signal repeaters, with 193%. People are also exercising more. Or at least buying more devices of this category. Smart wristbands to measure heart rate, count steps and count calories had a 513% increase in sales. Products aimed at the practice of yoga and pilates were marketed with growth of 387%. Interestingly, in the United States, although Covid-19 forced people to be confined to the safety of their homes, the sale of electric scooters increased 603% during the third and fourth week of April. Skates and bicycles had highs of 475% and 392% respectively. According to data from the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm), Brazilian digital retail could grow 18% in 2020 to reach a turnover of 106 billion reais in the year. The data, however, did not take into account all the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, it is possible that this percentage is even higher.
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