segunda-feira, 27 de abril, 2020

Sadia Encourages Delivery

Sadia starts a campaign that promotes the delivery of bakeries. Called "Ask for delivery", the action brings together nine bakeries in the state capital. With 100% geolocated media, for the radius of 2 km away from each establishment, the delivery will be made on the social networks of the brand, in addition to display, banner and communication in Google Search. The initiative takes place until the end of April, with the possibility of expansion for the coming months and other locations. The establishments advertised by Sadia are: Panetteria ZN, La Ville Elegance, Padaria Colonial, Bella Mariana, Galeria dos Pãos, Padaria Letícia, Master, Quinta do Marquês and Vila Nova Pãos e Doces. All of them are part of Top Bakeries, a project conceived by Sadia and that brings an exclusive visual proposal, as well as specific actions such as training with slicers and tastings.
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