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46% of construction companies do not invest in innovation, research shows

Investment in innovation is still timid in the construction sector. A survey conducted by Deloitte consulting with 270 companies shows that 54% of the interviewees have strategies for technological innovation in the areas of engineering, architecture, materials and projects, among others. But 46% go blank. Not much money. Even among those who have a strategy for innovation, the investment is small: 35% do not know for sure how much they apply in the area; 23% dedicate up to 1% of the budget on innovation; 30% apply between 1% and 5%; and only 12% contribute more than 5% of the budget. The percentage is weak. Deloitte says the world's most innovative companies, such as Apple and Tesla, for example, reserve at least 5% of the research and development budget. There's a lack of intelligence. The main reasons for low investment in innovation are limited financial resources, lack of corporate culture and exclusive team for the subject. The companies said they would like to invest in the business. The areas that most interest are artificial intelligence, big data analysis and new building materials.
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