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After the end of the dispute between the partners, Pernambucanas moth plan to grow

After a period of difficulties, which involved relevant loss of market share and a long fight between his heirs, the century-old Pernambucanas prepares now to undertake your biggest expansion in decades. The company will close 2018 with the opening of 28 new stores and is expected to raise the total of inaugurations to 32 next year. For 2020 and 2021, the proposal is even more daring, with a total of 90 units. According to the President of the Pernambuco, Sergio Borriello, the company will be able to put your foot on the gas after a period of corporate reorganization, which included the decision to close the sale of appliances, two years ago. Experts heard by the State, however, even with such ambitious plans, the company is still far from the domain that already had the Brazilian retail sector. In your Prime, Pernambucanas had more than 700 stores in the country – and was known by your strong presence in cities in the interior. Even with the recent resumption of growth, the company will close 2018 with 336 stores in nine States. If you can deliver the estimated growth for the coming years, the company will reach 458 units at the end of 2021. Although the company's problems became more apparent in recent years – between 2014 and 2017, saw revenue fall 25% – your, the truth is that the internal disputes of the Pernambucanas creep for decades. The biggest of the scandals, solved a little over a year ago, began in 1990, when he passed Helen Lundgren, granddaughter of the founder of the company, which at the time owned 50% of the business. In the Division of property, Helena prioritized the daughter Anita Harley-she was with half of its shares, while the rest was divided among the other children, Anna Christina and Robert. But the will made the participation of both in the company should be run by Anita. With the death of Anna Christina and Robert – in 1999 and 2001 respectively – began a dispute between Anita, one of the richest women in the country, and the nephews, which lasted until last year. An agreement approved by the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) in 2017 determined that Anita could no longer administer the part that it was up to nine nephews. In this way, Anita followed with its 25% in Pernambucanas, enough to keep the single largest shareholder of the retailer. Already 25% of Anna Christina and Robert were distributed among the nephews, who also received dividends late. The remaining 50% of Pernambucanas belong to other branches of the family. Recovery in 2017, the network managed to keep your prescription stable in some R $2.8 billion, and see your profits increase almost 250%, to R $203 million. The result was achieved, according to Borriello-who came to the company as Chief Financial Officer and just completed two years ahead of the business – despite the company not to tell more about the sale of appliances, which still accounted for 12% of revenues in time when the sale of those products was discontinued. The garments have become the focus. That action took place for a simple reason, according to the Executive: the quest for profitability, which began appearing in 2017. "The operation of appliances offers a very low margin of around 7%, while the clothing industry revolves around 30%", compares. The company managed to adjust the operation in adverse for retail. However, the retail consultant Mark Gouvea de Souza, the GS & MD, caveat that the network is running behind the prejudice, since the problems that faced prevented took advantage of the retail boom at the beginning of the Decade, as did groups such as Renner , Magazine Luiza and Riachuelo.
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