quinta-feira, 17 de novembro, 2016

American company put in bottle might be inclined to help shed the contents

Small distillery of Colorado, in the United States, the Rocker Spirits just launched drinks such as whiskey, rum and vodka in a glass bottle of intriguing figure. The packaging displays a rectangular base of irregular height, in which the right side higher makes the rest of the set, rounded contours, lean to the left.
The bent profile does not seek only to draw attention. Thanks to the format, the bottle can be taken down to the left, which would help to pour the contents. The larger side of the base would serve as balance, making the container from tipping over. Such a feature alludes to the name of the tag ("swing" is one of the meanings of rock). "We didn''t want to be another notch with square bottle," says Duston Evans, one of the founders of Rocker Spirits. "Without a singular I nor would go into business."
The bottle is made of flint glass superpremium by Owens-Illinois. "The decentralized bottleneck and the finish increases the complexity of fabrication, requiring great technical skill," says the glassworks. The development of the format was inspired by a can of lubricating oil sold in the United States in the Decade of 1930, also can be tilted to facilitate the product dump. Is one more sample of the usefulness of ideas from the past to innovations these days.
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