Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Grow sales of coconut water and tea

The coconut water and bottled teas ready are the only categories of non-alcoholic beverages that grow in sales this year, according to data from the Nielsen consulting. In January to August, sales of coconut water advanced 5.3% in volume compared with the same period in 2015. Sales of teas ready increased 0.9% in the same range. The soft drinks market as a whole shrank 7.2 percent.
Marcelo Fazio, Nielsen''s account manager for the beverage market, notes that the expansion of coconut water not only to its appeal of healthy product. "The category had stronger reduction in prices this year. Excluding inflation, the prices of coconut water have dropped an average of 7.2%. It was the way that manufacturers found to keep the heated demand of a product that is superfluous consumption, "said Fazio.
In the category of alcoholic beverages, the retraction in the accumulated from January to August was 4.4% in sales volume. Among the categories evaluated by Nielsen, whisky sales shrank 9.1% and the rum had 26% drop. The rum, distilled more sold in the country, had 0.4% retraction. Vodka sales also shrank during the period, at 2.1%.
Fazio observes that the categories with lower price per litre showed more resistance in this year of crisis. "The strongest drop in Whiskey and rum is due to two factors: the price and the concentration of the consumption of these products in pubs," he says.
In the evaluation of Nielsen, the trend towards the end of 2016 and 2017 is still shrinkage in consumption of alcoholic beverages, mainly in bars. "The lower-priced drinks will have better performance. For all other alcoholic beverages, there will be a maximum shrinkage stability, "says the analyst.
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