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Warburg Fund wants to boost market of pet shops

12/9/2013 - The Warburg Pincus Fund just bought control of the Pet Center Marginal, in an operation that marks t

' Decompress to grow ' is the motto in Hypermarcas

12/9/2013 - Hypermarcas is about to conclude in the coming months a long restructuring process that should chang

Before a bad year, casting to 2014 is stable production

12/9/2013 - The economic scenario for the motorcycle industry follows bad this year and casting to 2014 shouldn'

Tablet will replace computer and notebook

12/9/2013 - More powerful and modern Tablets will replace traditional computers in the next few years. For exper

Vehicle production hit record, but 2013 closes with drop in sales

12/9/2013 - The National Association of Automotive vehicle manufacturers (Anfavea) announced on Thursday (5) a h

Two phone screens is bet to lure the Russian public

12/9/2013 - If the Russian Yota phone manufacturer Devices could choose, the revolution of mobile devices would

Computer sales have retraction of-4%-at-3°-quarter

12/9/2013 - Influenced by the growing expansion of tablets and smartphones, the computer market showed poor perf

Supermarkets grow 2.92% in performance in 2013

12/9/2013 - The Actual Billing of supermarkets in the State of São Paulo (deflated by IPS-supermarket price inde

Adidas launches 2014 World Cup ball with high-tech party and Seedorf

12/9/2013 - Adidas presented on Tuesday the Brazilian, official ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with a light sh

Product packaging redesigns urban

12/9/2013 - The Urban-industrial is launching a special selection of their traditional products after adopting m

Cini Drinks soft drinks with exotic flavours launches

12/9/2013 - The paranaense Cini Drinks launches two novelties: Ginger Ale Cini and Red Berry Cini. The new flavo

Jack Daniel's label released her newest Master Distiller

12/9/2013 - Jack Daniel's Master Distiller # 1 is the first of a series of limited edition which honors producer

Dettol launches liquid soaps for hands

12/9/2013 - Reckitt Benckiser (RB) launches a line of liquid soaps for the hands of Dettol antibacterial soap.

Flavoured green tea is the novelty of Latco

12/9/2013 - Hits the market green tea of lemon flavors in Foods Latco, peach and Litchi. The drink is packaged i

Green World introduces new own-brand items

12/9/2013 - The Green World introduces new items of your own tag green world selection. Activate line consists o

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