sexta-feira, 20 de dezembro, 2019

Manager who made the most money from Magazine Luiza, Alaska says she already has new 'star'

The Alaska manager, who was well known for surfing magazine Luiza's stock valuation amid the successful transition process in an e-commerce operation with physical stores, says she has already replaced her height in her portfolio. "There is already the new Magazine Luiza do Alaska," said Luiz Alves Paes de Barros, a partner at the Alaska manager, at an event this morning. Who saw you, who sees you. Magalu, who was the protagonist of Alaska's portfolio until last month, now has a position of approximately 12% or 13% within the fund. In 2015, the company's stock – the unprecedented market darling – was worth R$ 0.46. Today, it is worth R $ 48,20 and this because it has already undergone some developments. The valuation calculation of the action since the end of 2015 is approximately 16,000%. On off. It is not for less that this is one of the largest cases of gains from funds in Brazil and one of the most generating curiosity. Alaska's "new Magalu," he said, occupies a 10% to 12% share of the fund's assets without opening the name of the elected. In the Alaska portfolio there are well-known positions in Petrobras, Braskem and Log-in.
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