quarta-feira, 20 de setembro, 2017

Cereal bar WINS bioembalagem

"Eat right and live right". With this slogan to the point, the American Shanvalley Innovative Food Company promotes the junction of pleas of healthiness and sustainability to supercharge the launches of their cereal bars and fruit Karma and Karma Elevate. Welfare side, the slogan is justified by natural ingredients and zero sugar. Green side, speaks for itself to flexible packaging, sealed and produced with biopláticos not specified with guarantee of total degradation in 180 days in composting plant. The development on the shelves, the product touched for four hands by Shanvalleu and Tipa processing resulted in a laminate consisting of compostable polymer blends subjected to horizontal form fill seal/(formatting/filling/sealing), including a print and Layer (flexography) two other, for barrier and sealing, in a structure devoid of heavy metals or other toxic components.
Plastico em Revista - 19/09/2017
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