quinta-feira, 31 de agosto, 2017

South Korean Group CJ Purchase Selecta

The South Korean Group has acquired 90% of CJ Selecta-60% being purchased from Chilean company Corpesca, with option to purchase more 10% in two years, and 30% of the minority shareholders. With the acquisition, for $ $450 million, the company changes name to your CJ Selecta. According to Industrial and service trade association of the State of Goiás (ACIEG), the current CJ Selecta can expand your portfolio for areas such as pigs, chickens and fish. The forecast of the investment plan for Brazil is to increase 50% in industrial production, which currently has a capacity of 700,000 tons of crushing soybeans a year, and make a business for the manufacture of concentrated soy protein and soy bran fermen TADA.
Giro News – 30/08/2017
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