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Tirolez is ready to Reduce Margins To Reheat Market

The manufacturer of cheese and dairy products is projected to grow 10% in Tirolez 2017. However, Cicero Hegg, Director sales and marketing company, in an exclusive interview to Cute News Portal, States that "everything will depend on the ability of consumers and of our ability to put products on the market at prices consumers can afford. Besides the projection, made a balance of 2016 and said the Outlook for this year. "In my vision, the cheese market in Brazil, was balanced. Actually there was a cooling in consumer financial availability, nevertheless, we are sure that some categories have been incorporated. We''ve been a year of growth, but we had very little growth 2016 in physical sales, "ponders Hegg.
Product turnover
One of the actions promoted by the Tirolez is promoting. The brand intends to continue along the major supermarket chains and then stimulating consumption. "The consumer enters the supermarket and get promotions. That''s what''s getting run. We have a sales volume a bit higher, but we sacrifice the margins. Agreed with supermarkets and we got a better turnover, but sacrifice of margin. Understand in category cheese, there was a sacrifice the margins of manufacturers. There was the pressure of increased raw material, bottom to top, and the pressure on decrease in the availability of consumer finance, from top to bottom, "said Hegg.
Projected To 2017
Cicero Hegg is optimistic for this year, however, believes that the market can only take off from the second half, that if the predictions for resumption of the economy warming materialize. "Our concern is just how much we can handle the costs, especially of raw materials, to one-year terms slightly better than he started. We have heard economic agents designing economic recovery from the second half of the year. If we have the back of the signings, if you stop the rise in unemployment, begins to create a more favorable climate for the consumption of food, especially dairy products, which I understand are part of everyday life of the consumer. This is our hope, because I understand that the increase in production is essential will happen '', she concludes.
Giro News - 21/02/2017
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