segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro, 2017

High-retail sales of Clothing should grow 2% in 2017

According to data published by Abit (Brazilian Association of textile and clothing), clothing retailers should grow 2 percent this year compared to 2016. This growth is a reflection of the recovery of the retail chain sets. According to the Association, there will be a growth of 1% in the production of clothing and high of 1% also in the production of textiles. In all, the sector must register a revenue of 135 billion R$, up 4.6% from 2016. Last year, retailers of clothing fell from 10.7% and in 2015, the recoil was 5.6%. In addition, in 2016 the sector invested 1.67 billion R$ in machinery and equipment-25.5% less than in 2015.
Giro News - 30/01/2017
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