quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro, 2016

The move surprised shopkeepers, but Christmas will still be the '' souvenir ''

In the area of 25 March Street, one of the largest centers of popular trade of the country, consumer spending fell by half compared to last year. "Who spent 300 R$ now is spending 150 R$ on average," says Claudia Urias, Executive Advisor of Univinco, an organization that represents 4,500 retailers with operations in the region. Debt, families are cutting where you can, and even the Christmas appeal is able to convince them to open the wallet.

"In our family we make every year a collection for the Christmas party, which includes the gift of children, supper and a friend. This year, won''t have a friend-secret, "says Professor Vivian Cristina da Silva, 32, who left the Diadem to go to the region from March 25 to make the purchases. Patricia Barros pedagogue''s House, 38, adults still win something, but cheap. "This just for children. Parents, siblings and in-laws will receive souvenir, "he says.

According to shopkeepers in the region, the consumer economy is visible. Even those who buy toys are opting for cheaper products, say traders. "Last year was bad and this is worse. Consumers are looking for cheaper toys, "says Veronica Birth, Unit Manager Basil Jafet of Semaan. Street vendors also noticed a difference. "It seems that they [the buyers] are afraid of getting into debt. Before passed the card, parcelavam and now most come with money, "says Regiane Gomes.

Despite the bad weather, the Brazilian left to go shopping. The move stunned retailers, which had a weak holiday season, following the general trend of 2016. The peak of shopping was on Saturday (17), when more than 1 million people passed through the Commerce of the central region of São Paulo, according to estimation of Univinco. During the week, between 800,000 and 1 million people circulated in the area. Pessimists, the traders had prepared for this level of demand. Only 20% of associated with Univinco made for contractions, says Urias. The high season of sales usually boost the opening of temporary vacancies in retail, but the recession curb the mood in the industry.
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