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Our Super group buying four stores Morini in Minas Gerais

Super miner Group Our network will take over the bakery and grocery store Morini Premium, which belongs to the SJ group supermarkets, of Barão de Cocais (MG). The controller confirmed the sale of four units scattered throughout the Central-Southern mining capital – in Lourdes, Sion, St. Luke and Centre – which are already in a fire sale for delivery of items.
The idea of Our Super is to transform the units in proximity stores with the name Super Moment Our. Until the end of this year, will open nine branded branches in Belo Horizonte. The total investment will be $ 20 million. In a statement, the company reported that, with the new model of establishment, the company-owner of Super flags Our mining and support specialized distribution DecMinas and DaMinas – intends to take advantage of a niche market. The statement cites a study done by Euromonitor consultancy in which Brazil is the 12th country where small shops, opened by large retailers, plus increased sales in 2014, billing $ 250,1 million. Until 2019, according to the survey, this value may reach $ 412,9 million.
According to Euler Nejm, President of the group, the stores with the brand "Super Moment Our" will have up to 600 m², i.e. will be much smaller than the Super stores Our and traditional supermarkets, whose sizes vary between 1,000 m² and 2,500 m². The focus of the stores, according to the businessman, is the bakery, and the goal is to offer solution for snacks and purchases of products ready and immediate consumption such as sandwiches, salads, juices, breads, quiches, pizzas and Japanese cuisine.
According to information disclosed by the mining, retail stores can count also with a gourmet space for customers do on-site dining. "The units will offer items with a focus on practicality, as already processed fruits and vegetables and sanitized, and steaks fractional already in small portions," says the President.
For Nejm, the prediction is that the first Time Our Super be inaugurated in June. The group does not disclose the exact locations where they will be installed in all units, but confirms that the first stores will be in neighborhoods Sion, employees, St. Augustine, Belvedere, St. Luke, St. Benedict, Center, Savassi and Lourdes. Last year, the company earned $ 1.7 billion, with real growth of 12%, according to the 44th-ranked SM supermarket.
Sought by the newspaper Estado de Minas for comment, the SJ Group Supermarkets merely confirm the completion of business with Our Super Group.
Supermercado Moderno - 28/05/2015
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