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Startup creates educational games to consolidate learning in class

The startup Xmile wants to take educational games at private schools, but without forgetting the public. The developer of games debut at the Dante Alighieri School, in São Paulo, with the game "Mystery of dreams", aimed for children enrolled in the first and third series of elementary school.
Students aged between 5 and 6 years will have to assist the Baron Good Job to unravel the disappearance of big ball of wool. In 2013, will be 84 children playing the game. The first eight episodes of a total of 120 that comprises the game get ready this week.
"Our purpose is not to teach. For the student, is the opportunity to solidify concepts learned in the classroom. He has a chance to learn something quite instructive that, in many instances, we as students we encounter: ' Ok, how do I apply it? '. We try the digital world to emulate the real life, "says Nicolas Peluffo, the Chief Executive of Xmile.
"Secondly, the problems included in the game let the child figure out forward, there's no formula, no guidance, because life is like that. But if she doesn't make it on my own, the game gives tips, "she says.
The games also contain mechanisms useful to teachers, because they show what content students present more difficulties. Parents will also have control over which content is accessed (music, videos, etc.) and for how long.
To advance not only among private schools, such as Dante, Xmile created a strategy. Each private school that happens to use the game, a public will receive licenses to use it too.
To be no contact between the two, the company created the sisters schools system, which connects teachers and students of the two institutions to exchange experiences.
In 2014, the company plans to sell 7 thousand licenses, according to Nicolas Peluffo, the Chief Executive of Xmile. "Our objective, in the medium term, is to reach the entire basic education, universe of 45 million pupils, of whom 88% are on the public network," he says.
To this end, the company will begin to develop two other games, covering the other grades of elementary school. With plans to achieve State and local governments, to Xmile cashes in more than 60% the rates for public schools. While the games go to $ 20 per month per student for the toilets-$ 16 in that first year – are in R $ 6.70 for the public.
"Our goal is to reach the high school in 2015. We have the strategy how will approach these games, both how to play, because students are different, and thus the necessity of them is different, "he says.
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