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Sanifill renews lines of brushes and antiseptic mouth wash

The complete product brand, Sanifill of oral hygiene, improves its product mix and features to market its line of oral antiseptics with renewed formulas and Ultra Professional brushes and with new packaging and Orthodontic features. The products have been specially developed to assist in maintaining the oral health of complete and smooth. Ultra brushes Sanifill Professionals have special formats and suitable for the needs of each user. With anatomic and rubberized cable, offer more firmness and security, in addition to usage flag that indicates the correct moment of Exchange. The brush still owns sanitiser language, which AIDS in the removal of the bacteria. Who wears braces can count on new orthodontic toothbrush double action Sanifill. The brush has soft bristles on the sides, that massage the gums, and medium bristles, in the Centre, to the brackets. Your V-format facilitates the cleaning of the teeth and braces. The line of Antiseptics was also renovated and Sanifill has news on packages and formulas. The five variants – Mint, extremely cool, Ice, Citrus and Kids-do not contain alcohol and prevent against the formation of plaque and tooth decay. With proven effectiveness, the antiseptic keep healthy gum and protected by 12:0. Ice and Citrus versions are available in packages of 300 ml, 500 ml and promotional "Take 300, pay 200 ml". Total Care already and Mint are available in 300 ml, 500 ml and promotional "Take 500 Pay 300 ml". The Mint variant also features 60 ml packaging indicated to be carried in your purse or makeup bag. The oral antiseptic Kids, ideal for children over six years, has packaging decorated with the cartoon "ice age 4". The product has exclusive formula with fluorine and without alcohol, helping to combat plaque, cavities and bad breath. Available in 300 ml and promotional "Take 300 ml 200 ml Pay".
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