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Government takes away part of the IPI lower for white line and mobile

SAO PAULO-the Secretary of Economic Policy of the Ministry of finance, Márcio Holland, just announced the re-composition of the rates of tax on industrialized products (IPI) for the white line products, furniture and wood paneling. The new rates, according to him, will take effect from Tuesday, October 1 until December 31. "Then we're going to reassess these tax rates", said after having met for about two hours with representatives of the Institute for the development of retail (IDV) and Shower (the National Association of Manufacturers of electrical and electronic products).
Financing of property is a leader in the consumer credit
According to the Secretary, the rate of the IPI to refrigerators will be 8.5% to 10%, the semi-automatic washing machines, known as tiny tanks, will rise from 4.5% to 5%, and the furniture and wooden panels will rise from 3% to 3.5%-still below the original rates, as well as the washing machine, maintained at 10%. The fee for the stoves will be 3% to 4%, returning to normal level.
According to the Secretary, the Government decided to recompose the aliquots to be seeing that the economy goes well in the second half with sales, production and capacity utilisation level in recovery.
Holland confirmed receiving the representatives of Electros request to the semi-automatic washing machines are included in the program my house Better, from the federal Government. Second said the President of Eletros evaluations, Lourival Kiçula, to Broadcast this morning, so that the tiny tanks are included in the program my house Better just the Government withdraw the Decree the word "automatic". In the text, it is clear that the program can only finance automatic clothes washers, which leaves the ' tiny tanks ' outside. "The Government received the request of the sector and is evaluating," said the Secretary to add that assessment includes other products that have been demanded by society.
The President of Eletros evaluations said shortly before the Secretary to talk to the press this afternoon that the new tax rates must be permanent. In the case of refrigerators, for example, the tax rate will rise from 8.5% to 10%, but will not return to 15 percent charged before the start of the tax reduction.
O Estado de São Paulo - 27/09/2013
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