sexta-feira, 30 de agosto, 2013

Nutrella adds good humor in their packaging

The line of branded breads arrives with a revitalized special ingredient to make the lives of consumers easier, relaxed and, at the same time, healthy
A tight schedule, a stressful day at work, the time left to go to the gym, hanging out with friends, leaves us sad and dispirited. It seems that everything is too heavy. Then, how about a diet that helps to live life with lightness and awaken many smiles?
Thinking about modern women, active and safe from you, who live intensely and seek a balance in all aspects of life to live well and getting better, the Nutrella, mark of Grupo Bimbo-the market leader in bakery goods and with more than 30 years of tradition-, innovates in its positioning and presents new packaging for its line of breads. With the concept Nutrella awakens a smile on you, the brand has developed packages that arrive with an unusual language and relaxed to consumers, reinforcing its conception of healthiness and a new ingredient: good humor.
With this new positioning, Nutrella categorized its portfolio of bread in three lines that print the essential ingredients to compose the everyday life: good Humor to the line integral with grains and fruits, self esteem for the light and energy segment for white breads. Packagings, with vivid colors and metallic effects, bring the icon of each row to help consumers identify and choose your preference.
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