sexta-feira, 30 de agosto, 2013

Nissan starts race for autonomous cars

"We will be able to bring multiple vehicles accessible, entirely autonomous to the market in 2020," said Nissan Executive Vice President, Andy Palmer. Nissan, Japan's second largest automaker, is developing its technology internally, though I am willing to work with companies such as Google, which has promoted the systems of automobiles without drivers in recent years. Full details of the partnership were not disclosed, however.
The new goal is to lead the automaker's motion to make the cars safer, adding electronic systems able to prevent accidents. Innovations can also reduce traffic jams, thanks to re-routing vehicles systems, which would help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
The company exhibited models Leaf of self-driving in a former u.s. military base in Irvine, Calif., yesterday, with the robotic cars carrying passengers under conditions which simulated driving in urban centres.
The technology that supports the autonomous autos, including adaptive cruise control (measuring system that keeps the car in the stipulated speed), electronic direction and Acceleration controls, is now available, and sensors and monitoring ability of roads are being refined, said Palmer. "The technology to build self-driving cars already exists," said Karl Brauer, senior analyst at consulting firm Kelley Blue Book.
Brasil Econômico - 29/08/2013
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