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Nintendo launches portable and Wii U price reduces

SÃO PAULO – Nintendo presented this Wednesday, 28, the videogame 2DS, a new handset, simpler and cheaper than the 3DS, which will be released in the United States for $ 130 (US $ 305) on 12 October. The Japanese manufacturer also reduced the price of its flagship game, the Wii U, in the North American market. The device, launched at the end of 2012, for $ 350, will be sold for $ 300 ($ 705) in the country from September 20. The value is for the "Deluxe" version, the most advanced, with 32 gigabytes of internal storage and extra accessories.
Nintendo's announcements are made at a time that the company facing greater competition from Microsoft and Sony. Both the Xbox One (of Microsoft) about the PlayStation 4 (from Sony) begin to be sold at the end of the year and will be the center of attention of consumers of games during the Christmas shopping season.
Nintendo expects a reduction of price of the Wii U and a new portable videogame "input" (cheaper) to draw the attention of those consumers who prefer to spend less. While the Wii U now costs $ 300 in the us, the Xbox One will be sold for $ 500 ($ 1,175) and the PlayStation 4, for $ 400 ($ 940).
"Nintendo has today one of the strongest video game lines and most diverse in our history," said the President of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime, in a statement. "We're making it more accessible and cheap Nintendo's unique experiences. Regardless of how and what you play, Nintendo is present. "
The company did not indicate if the price reduction will be adopted in Brazil or if the videogame 2DS will also be released here. In Brazil, the Xbox One will have suggested retail price of r $ 2.2 million and also arrives in November. The price of the PS4 in the country hasn't been released, but the device will be released on the same date that arrives in the European market: 29 November.
The 2DS will be able to run the same games of the Nintendo 3DS and brings many of his characteristics, such as two screens with touch sensor. The main difference is that it does not run the games in three dimensions, like 3DS, and only in 2D.
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