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Redecard joins the DataCash to advance in electronic commerce

In the e-commerce arena, the battle between the acquirers of Cielo e cards Redecard is somewhat uneven. In recent years the Cielo announced a series of acquisitions and partnerships to advance in "e-commerce", the great rival was the silent period. This changed yesterday, when the merchant acquirer and controlled by Itaú Unibanco launched its new platform, in partnership with the British company of DataCash payment, which belongs to the flag of MasterCard cards.
The platform is the digital equivalent to what the acquirers are in the physical world: capture electronic payments transactions for retailers.
"The launch will cover some lags that we had in e-commerce," says Marcelo Kopel, Executive Director of Redecard. "Are items that we develop on purpose, after the decision that we would no more betting on own platform for e-commerce". Is the case, for example, the capture of debit cards or bank transactions in online shopping.
But the Cielo doesn't want to give room for rival take the apparent delay. "In 2010, when we developed our platform, we did based on the demand of 50 largest customers. We are still reaping these demands and today we also want children, "says Roger Signorini, Director of innovation of Cielo. Among the solutions, which allows the retailer to give more details in the making about a purchase, avoiding that the consumer does not recognize the transaction.
Redecard believes the international experience of the partnership will be an asset in DataCash. In the world of online shopping, the DataCash acts as a "gateway", i.e. bridges the gap of information payments between retailers and credenciadores. In August 2010, MasterCard acquired the company for $ 520 million. The company processes more than 1 billion transactions per year and accepts payment in about 177.
"We came to study do a platform of its own, but the agility and the ability to import other countries ' practices made us opt for partnership with DataCash," says Kopel. According to the Executive, the search for a partner in e-commerce has been made since December of 2011, before even the Redecard is no longer listed on the stock exchange.
In the case of Cielo, partnerships and acquisitions were also instrumental in e-commerce strategy. In addition to being owner of Braspag, which acts as a "gateway", the Cielo closed last year partnership with CyberSource, a subsidiary of Visa, for the prevention of fraud in e-commerce. Also in 2012, purchased the company from American Merchant payments e-Solutions (MeS), acquisition that would strengthen your project on e-commerce.
"There are several items, both in terms of technology and knowledge, which we're working on import of the MeS," Signorini. So much so that it reinforces the goal that the e-commerce transactions will represent 21% of the total in 2020. In 2011, were little more than 7% of the total.
Already the Redecard does not disclose targets for e-commerce. "Don't set market share targets or the number of customers this year on the platform. The first objective is to form groups of varying segments customers to test the platform, "says Kopel. An important target, however, must be the small traders. "It is in them that the fastest growing e-commerce."
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