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GM can invest $ 2.5 billion in San José

The weather was getting warmed up at General Motors in São José dos Campos, in the State of São Paulo. After the wave of layoffs that has shaken the unit earlier this year, with allegation of low competitiveness on the part of the company, is being negotiated between carmaker, City Hall and the syndicate of the metalurgists of São José, an investment of around r $ 2.5 billion for the implementation of a new production line at the plant for more than 50 years.
According to the GM, on the afternoon of Monday, 27, a meeting took place between the company and the Union. At 4:0 pm of Tuesday, 28, will be meeting with representatives of City Hall and the State and on Wednesday, 29, again with the Union workers. The investment decision should be taken until the end of May.
The factory in the Paraíba Valley competes, according to Luiz Moan, institutional relations Director of GM, with two other company plants to produce the new vehicle.
The unit is the only one in the Country with idle capacity currently. In March this year, after the closing of the MVA (Motor Vehicle Assembly)-which is today only the Classic, the San Jose factory ceased to manufacture the models Corsa, Meriva and Zafira, and had 598 employees laid off (read here).
At an event to announce the possible contribution, held at the end of April, Moan said that São José dos Campos has the best strategic position in terms of production logistics and distribution of vehicles and also has the interest of the array because of the growing Brazilian market. "Our chances are great if we get the support of the Government," he said.
In response, Mayor Albert Almeida said: "we are willing to make to industrial districts, along with these investments for the plant, will also suppliers and more jobs. What is possible in terms of incentives and will support because, in addition to a new vehicle, what we are dealing with is the maintenance of the factory in the city. We cannot go wrong at that time. Let's add up the forces for the interest of investments and jobs, for the interest of the city. "
The Union hopes that the new contribution bring guarantee job stability, maintenance of the level of wages and rights, as was negotiated in January this year (read here). The entity has already presented a number of proposals. But it says that the manufacturer wants to reduce wages and workers ' rights and insists on dismissing 750 employees of MVA line of Classic, which must operate only until the end of this year.
"All the proposals of the Union are conditioned to coming investments and guarantee of jobs, wages and rights. After all, the importance of new investments in a city only has meaning if it is to secure jobs and better living conditions for the workers and the entire city, not just to ensure profits to the company, "says the President of the Union, Antonio Ferreira de Barros, known by workers as Macapá.
Among the proposals put forward by the syndicate to GM, are stability for two years of current employees and the priority of rehiring of laid off in new places. GM says it doesn't comment on the progress of the negotiations.
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