quarta-feira, 29 de maio, 2013

Davene presents new packaging of liquid soaps

The Davene – one of the most traditional brands of cosmetics and skin care – relaunches its line of liquid soaps and presents to the public the new packaging of the product.
With the premise of always present innovative products (element present in the DNA of the brand), Davene perfected the product packaging with a more modern design. The result of all this is a packaging innovation that adds value to the product, allowing it to be element of decoration of environments, such as lavatories, for example. In addition, the refill Pack causes less environmental impact and more savings for the consumer.
With soft, moisturizing formula, which does not harm the skin and is suitable for cleaning the hands and faces, the new liquid soaps Davene can be found in three new versions, Sicilian Lemon, oats and lavender, and the traditional fennel and red fruits.
About Davene
With more than 30 years in the market, the Products is one of the most traditional Brazilian brands of cosmetics and skin care. In its portfolio, offers products recognized as the real Oatmeal, milk, Oatmeal Cream oatmeal Moisturizing Soap, Body Lotion, Body, body Biphase oil Deodorant Roll On melee, La Flore bar SOAP, bar SOAP La fruit, Higiporo, Nuss intimate SOAP, liquid soap, Baby life and Eco Friend marine world.
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