quarta-feira, 29 de maio, 2013

AGCO invests R $ 65 mi and ushers in new area in Santa Rosa

The AGCO opens today, 28, new paint in Santa Rosa area (RS). In the unit are produced 10 different models of combine harvesters and grain cutting platforms. With the new space, the plant receives an increment of 7.5 thousand m² of constructed area.
Today, more than 700 employees participate in industrial processes and contribute to the current monthly production capacity of 200 machines per month. Investments in new industrial equipment, based on nanotechnology, will provide a manufacturing process more clean, safe, with low waste generation, free from heavy metals and solvents, in addition to reducing water consumption.
"They were 15 months of intense work to complete the work and inaugurate the new painting process of combine harvesters of AGCO, with investments in State-of-the-art equipment turning Santa Rosa plant in one of the most modern industrial parks in the country," says André Carioba, Senior Vice President and General Manager of AGCO to South America. "We will have a better productivity in line, a more stable and efficient process", reveals Henry Dalla Corte, AGCO's manufacturing Vice President South America.
This investment meets the demand for combine harvesters in a record harvests, in addition to offering products with competitive advantages in technology and durability. Already in the first quarter the AGCO introduced a 19% growth in sales of agricultural machinery, while the industry is expected to grow 12% by the end of the year. The figures released by the company show optimism.
The AGCO Corporation reached in the first quarter net sales of approximately $ 5 billion, an increase of approximately 5.7% compared with the same period in 2012. South America was responsible for approximately $ 950 million of net sales of the company and the Brazil was the main character of this expressive result. According to Carioba the good time is a reflection of a number of factors: the positive price, financing and commodity rates accessible to producers with the PSI to 3% and the favorable climate, which contributes directly to the record harvest.
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