sexta-feira, 29 de novembro, 2013

Daten recasts packaging design

The Daten, manufacturer of computer equipment, recasts the packaging of its line, retail-oriented, Zmax and invests in a modern and functional visual communication. The concept places a high value on a simpler design with few written information, prioritizing visual clarity. The new layout has the letter "Z" in the spotlight to strengthen the brand and for it to be easily recognized even at a distance.
The new packaging was developed thinking on the concept of an island sales and possess modern colours to attract the attention of the consumer at the point of marketing: green, green, citrus, Orange, bubble gum pink and purple. "The package is the first contact of the customer with our brand, so we invest in a new design that is aligned with the innovation of our products," says Carlos Girão, head of products Daten. The new packaging of Zmax will be available from December.
The design of the Agency ' Clubbe TGT. The boxes are produced by Klabin.
Embalagem Marca - 28/11/2013
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