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June, 2019

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Casino Group announces changes to GPA

6/27/2019 - Holder of the GPA, the French Casino group proposed to the Brazilian company a reorganization of th

Free market and Itaú launch credit card to customer loyalty

6/27/2019 - The free market and Itaú Unibanco are launching a 100% digital credit card, with the VISA flag, to r

SulAmérica strikes Back and back to exploring regional markets

6/27/2019 - SulAmérica insurer will re-explore regional niches in the health sector. Focusing on small and mediu

After Natura buy Avon, Boticário also sights international expansion

6/27/2019 - Closely accompanying the movement of its main competitor, Natura, which announced last month agreeme

Vigor wants to build double digit with healthy

6/26/2019 - With the pretension to continue growing the double digit annually, Vigor invests in the trend of hea

Rio expects to take 3 billion plastic bags of circulation per year

6/26/2019 - Rio — Rio expects to reduce in no less than 3 billion per year the number of plastic bags in circula

State of São Paulo will cast plastic straw

6/26/2019 - SÃO PAULO-The governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), announced that it will sanction the bill app

Cabify will retire Easy app and promises contribution de US $20 mi in the cou...

6/26/2019 - The Spanish mobility company Cabify announces on Wednesday, 26, that will retire the application of

Unilever solves the question of recycling black plastic bottles

6/25/2019 - Unilever has developed a new black pigment, considered more detectable so that its high density poly

Unip and Beneficence Portuguesa unite to offer undergraduate medicine

6/25/2019 - The Paulista University (Unip) and the Portuguese Beneficência de São Paulo prepare in silence the j

Verdemed buys laboratory and predicts US $10 MI in Brazil in 2019

6/25/2019 - Verdemed, a Canadian pharmaceutical drug company based on Cannabinoids, acquired the Mydstein labora

São Martinho estimates 8% advance in sugarcane processing in 2019/20

6/25/2019 - SÃO PAULO (Reuters)-the sugar and ethanol producer São Martinho estimates that it will process 22 mi

French multinational installs factory in Minas Gerais

6/24/2019 - With investment of R $290 million, the French multinational Verallia, manufacturer of glass packagin

Agreement facilitates importation of Chilean wines

6/24/2019 - An agreement on the equivalence of organic products, carried out between Brazil and Chile, should si

People's insurance market grows 14.8% by April

6/24/2019 - The people insurance market, which covers modalities such as life policies, personal accidents, trav

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